Process Services

Hire a Private Investigator to Handle your Court Papers

While there are reliable professional process service agencies, anyone who can pass a background check can register as a process server. Hiring a licensed private investigator ensures a level of expertise and professionalism that you won’t find with a random person who is only registered to serve process. Trying to find people who do not want to be found is one of the bigger challenges of process serving. Most private investigators have expertise in tracking down people whose whereabouts are unknown. Pl’s use a wide range of methods and techniques to find missing persons. When a person is located, a Pl can use various ways to get that person served court papers.

At Delta Hawk Protective Agency & Investigations, we fulfill the filing and delivering of legal notices, letters, and petitions.
Quickly and efficiently, we serve documents including:

Court summons and evictions are among the most common form of process services. But we can successfully deliver everything from a restraining order to a small claims court document. Fast, efficient, and accurate, Delta Hawk Protective Agency & Investigations offers a free consultation on all requests.

If you’d like to speak with one of our representatives about your needs, call us today at 530-244-9227

Can a Private Investigator serve Legal Documents just like a Registered Process Server?

Yes. California Business & Professions code section 22350(b) exempts California Private
Investigators from registering as a process server. This is because it takes thousands of hours of investigative experience to become a private detective. There are no requirements to
become a registered process server except passing a fingerprint check, getting a process server bond and paying a fee. That is why it is best to hire a private detective to serve your legal

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Services of Process Rates

Please read and review our 

Process Services in Redding, CA


For all other areas in Shasta County, a $0.65/mile charge will be added.

Please call for rates in other areas of California and throughout the United States

If you serve more than two papers a month, you can become a contract member and save 22% on all process serving fees. Simply click on the process order form and complete the form and choose your Contract rates for The type of service you wish. Once you have submitted your form and paid your first fee via credit card we will send you a sign in link to your account and we will bill you every two weeks. 

E-Filing Proof

Plus Standard Service Fee.


Notarized Proof of Service

Plus Standard Service Fee.


Restraining Orders

Plus Standard Service Fee.


Second Address Fee

On same Serve.


Declaration Re Diligence On Substituted Service and Mailing


Waiting Time/Hour

In the event you request that we wait for any reason, our “wait time” fee is charged after the initial grace period of fifteen minutes has expired.


Field Locates

If the address given by the client is not servable, and the server locates a new address in the field and serves the documents at the new address. Then you will be charged for our office going to the address you provided, filed locate fee, and 2nd address fee.


Special Requirements

e.g. service between 9:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., specific days, times, set up appointments, difficult serves or evaders etc. in addition to regular charges.


Stake Out/Hour


Skip Tracing

$50.00 service fee and $100.00 locate fee. If we do not locate a service address for your subject, the total charge is only $50.00.


P.O. Forwarding Address Search


Rush Service

In addition to standard service rate, within 48 Hours.


Same Day Service

In addition to standard rate, within 24 Hours.


Cancellation Charge

Cancellation of service after at least one attempt has been made will be charged at full rate plus mileage. 

Full Rate

Bad Address

All areas will be charged at full rate.

Full Rate


In office photo copies, fax, and email.


Terms: Payment is due in advance on first-time clients. 4.2% Merchant Service Fee for credit cards. The client agrees to a late fee of $25.00 and an interest rate of 1.5%. Liability is limited to $250.00 per order. The customer agrees that, should any disputes arise related to the services provided, the venue shall be in Shasta County, California. Prices may vary according to difficulty and/or your special needs.